Tax Expertise for Ag

Agricultural businesses are subject to a variety of ag-specific tax laws, deductions and special requirements. That's why Farm Credit ag tax specialists can help you manage your taxes, during tax season and all year-round.

Your Yankee tax specialist is backed by a network of tax experts who can address virtually all your business concerns.

Tax planning

Your Farm Credit ag tax expert will sit down with you in the fall to analyze year-to-date business activity and recommend tax-saving strategies, and develop a forecast for your end-of-year tax liability. That way, you can make common-sense decisions for the rest of the year that will help when you file your returns. Of course, we are also available year-round to discuss the tax consequences of any business decision, such as how to legally manage tax liability or whether to buy or lease.

Tax return preparation

We prepare federal and state returns for both full- and part-time ag and ag related businesses.  We also prepare amended returns that help you recapture missed deductions or correct errors.

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We've been helping rural America for over a century. Let us help you with your taxes and the decisions that affect them. We're here to listen and help you make good decisions.

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