Payroll Processing Made Easy

Let us give you more time to do the work you want to do. On the farm or in our offices, our experienced staff can help with your payroll processing.

Mail-In System

We will process your payroll information to produce paychecks, payroll reports, tax deposits and signature-ready federal and state payroll forms. We manage your payroll tax requirements, including W-2 and W-3 income tax statements. We process agricultural and nonagricultural payroll and will customize your payroll to pay employees based on salary, hourly rate, piecework or any combination.

Payroll Record-Keeping Software

We offer ag-specific Redwing Centerpoint software and support so you can process your own payroll right at your operation.  For more information check out the Financial Software section.

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We've been helping rural America for over a century. Let us streamline your payroll process so you have more time to do the work you want to do.

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