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At Yankee Farm Credit, bettering the operational and financial performance of your agricultural and farm-related business is our goal. Let us use our expertise to change the way you do business.

When you're ready to grow and make changes to your business, Yankee Farm Credit is here. We offer multiple business consulting services to help improve your results or adapt to change within and outside your business. We work with other teams within Yankee, such as our accounting and tax services, to be as efficient and effective as possible. Whether your consulting engagement is time- or project-based, our focus is delivering value you can use.

Business Consulting Services

Business planning

Start-up or seasoned business, we can assist you through the process of stated goals, objectives, budgets and other important pieces of a full business plan.

Business organization

From business entity selection to human resource management, we know you have options and we can help clarify what will work for you and your business.

Operational and financial budget tools

Offered to fit your schedule, our budget tool can be used and monitored on a monthly, quarterly or periodic basis to track and review updated operational and financial results.

Financial and operational analysis

We can help when it's time to check the pulse of your business. If you simply want a review of financial results and business metrics, we’re happy to do that for you.

Investment analysis and feasibility studies

Are you considering a major expansion or purchase? Or perhaps you’re thinking about investing in another business or market? We can take you step-by-step through the analysis process that may include a partial budget and how it fits into your big picture.

Financial and operational benchmarking

We offer two avenues for dairy benchmarking. The first is through the Success Strategies Dairy Benchmarking program and requires a minimum herd size of 300 cows. It includes an individual comparison report, annual meeting, one-on-one follow up visit and other tools to help you analyze your business. The other option uses our MyFarm report, an individualized comparison report to Yankee’s own dairy benchmark, with a summary write up or one-on-one visit as you prefer.

Dairy business analysis

Would you rather be out in the barn, fields or on a tractor? We can help you dig into your dairy business and financial results to pinpoint areas where you are doing well and areas that could use more focus.

Profit team meetings

Our consultants participate in teams of dairy professionals that help analyze a dairy business from top to bottom. They also collaborate to generate new ideas and uncover opportunities to drive profitability.

Appraisal consulting

Are you considering selling your agricultural real estate? Are you unsure what price to ask and what to expect through the process? We not only can complete a restricted appraisal report for you but also assist you through the budgeting and tax planning process as well.

Tax and Entity planning

Beyond the standard annual tax planning, we can work with you through complex entity planning. Whether it’s the sale of a corporation, the addition/dissolution of a partner or member, or any other major event affecting your business entity, we can guide you through your options.

Estate planning

Planning for your retirement and how you would ultimately like your business and personal assets managed can be an intimidating. Our consultants will walk you through the technical process, guiding you through the most recent tax laws and other regulations.

Farm transfer and succession planning

When it’s time to consider transferring the farm to the next generation — to a family member or someone else — there are many factors to consider. When is the right time to transfer? Who will do what? How do I express my frustrations? We can help facilitate the transition and make the next generation ready for success.

Facilitated meetings

The agricultural business isn't always easy. Sometimes farm families or farm business partners go through times when it’s hard to communicate. They may benefit from having a third party go-between to facilitate business meetings and help report results, discover ideas or even navigate a conflict. Our business consultants can help fill this need.

Leadership development programs

Through a series of workshops and course work, we have a program developed for progressing new and middle-managers of a farm or agricultural business. Topics covered include personal skill development, communication strategies, team building, financial and operational analysis, budgeting, capital investment analysis, approaching debt financing and other relevant topics to the group. As a bonus, you get to network with like-minded ag professionals.

How can we help?

We've been here for rural America for over a century. Take a minute to tell us how you want to grow and transform your business. We're here to listen and help plan a way forward.

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