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We offer free quotes, competitive rates, timely service and the agricultural knowledge critical to an accurate valuation of your rural property.

When you're ready to have your property appraised, Yankee Farm Credit is here. Our appraisers are experts in the valuation of rural properties and agricultural assets. We offer fee-based valuation services to financial institutions, businesses, organizations and individuals for both real estate and personal property.

Why choose an ag appraisal expert?

Our appraisers understand the full value of your property. They have in-depth knowledge of production and processing logistics, business considerations and industry dynamics for numerous agricultural and value-added production categories. Industry knowledge and agriculture specific appraisal training give us the tools necessary to accurately value your rural property. We maintain the most comprehensive database of agricultural property transfers in our coverage area, ensuring accurate valuation of your property using the most relevant market information available.

Our staff has experience in appraising:

  • rural vacant lands and residential properties
  • dairy farms from 10 cows to 4,000 cows
  • maple operations
  • timber parcels
  • orchards and apple storages
  • poultry facilities
  • feed mills and grain storages
  • cheese production and aging facilities
  • food processing facilities and cold storages
  • vineyards and wineries
  • on-farm energy production including wind, solar and methane digesters
  • general rural commercial properties

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