IRS Backlog of Mail -Still No Light at the End of the Tunnel

-An IRS Update from the Yankee Farm Credit Tax Team.

As of the beginning of June, IRS staff began to return to their offices and have worked through a lot of mail, but we are here to tell you it’s not over yet!

In fact, the IRS continues to process backlogs of mail and experience Extremely high call volume. As a result, taxpayers continue to receive severe tax penalty notices on issues for which correspondence has already been sent by mail but hasn’t been read. Traditionally, a quick phone call could resolve or at least postpone additional notices until taxpayer correspondence was processed but, calls are not being answered.

As of last Friday, the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) asked the IRS to address the issue, and  until they do, we advise you to hang tight and be patient. We understand your frustration as we are right there with you. Be prepared, as it may be well into next year before many of these issues are fully resolved.

Contact the YFC Tax Team with any questions.

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On a good note the IRS has added the following online tools related to the Advance Child Tax Credit:
Manage Payments -
Check your Eligibility -
Non-Filer submission -

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