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2021 Board of Director Nominees

Having a strong Board of Directors is one of the things that makes Yankee Farm Credit a successful agricultural service institution. The association's Nominating Committee is dedicated to providing a diverse selection of candidates for members to vote on. In April, Yankee Farm Credit members will have the chance to vote for the three positions up for election. There is one position in each region for a three year term on the ballot.

The Nominating Committee met on January 14th, to interview potential candidates for director.
The following members were nominated for the three 3-year terms:

Region 1
Craig Giroux
Ed McGarry

Region 2
Lisa Knapton
Keith Sprague

Region 3
David Folino
Brian O’Gorman
If you are interested in running for director in the future, we encourage you to contact anyone on the Nominating Committee. See the 2019 Annual Report for names and contact information.
Thank-you to the Nominating Committee members and to the candidates for director for their time and devotion to providing an excellent ballot for our members.


The 2021 Annual Meeting is fast approaching.  Please mark your calendars for April 6, 2021. This year's meeting will again be done virtually for the safety of members.  More information will be coming soon. Keep an eye on our blog, social media sites, and your mailbox for updates. Please contact us with any questions.


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