Earn College Credit with Farm Credit

The Farm Credit Fellows program is a unique undergraduate course offered at the University of Vermont, Cornell University, the University of New Hampshire, and the University of Maine.

This program is a partnership between the universities and Northeast Farm Credit Associations that offers students an in-depth, hands-on experience in agricultural finance.

Students participate in several events including a 2-day orientation at Financial Partners, Inc, and the main office of Farm Credit East in Enfield, CT in the spring of their junior year. Students are introduced to the Farm Credit System and take a hand-on approach with a loan application scenario.

During the following summer students participate in a one week internship at a Farm Credit office in the northeast.

Between the fall and spring semester of their senior year students attend a trip to the financial markets in New York City. The so-called “walking tour of Wall Street” has included trips to the Federal Reserve and the New York Stock Exchange.

In the spring semester students spend some time in the classroom with speakers and hands-on projects. Students receive college credit for their projects and/or papers.

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