Committed to the Ag Community

Yankee proudly sponsors of dozens of agricultural, community, educational, and civic activities.

Industry Advocacy

Discussions. Hearings. Policy meetings. These are some of the ways Yankee, together with other Northeast associations and CoBank, are actively involved in legislative and regulatory issues at the state and national levels. Our policy role varies on each issue, from grassroots actions to coalition building and lobbying efforts. Other examples include:

  • Meetings with national and state legislators
  • Letter-writing campaigns to policymakers
  • Coalition group participation
  • Tours for congressional staff
  • Testimony at hearings
  • Economic analysis reports

AgEnhancement grants

The Farm Credit Northeast AgEnhancement Program (Farm Credit AgEnhancement) was established to support programs, projects, events, and other activities that promote and strengthen the agriculture, forest products or commercial fishing industries in the region. The program is a shared effort of the Farm Credit associations in the States of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont and CoBank, with a regional office in Enfield, Connecticut. Learn more.

Farm Credit Fellows

The Farm Credit Fellows program is a unique undergraduate course offered at the University of Vermont, Cornell University, and the University of Maine. Learn more.

Financial aid

Did you know that Yankee offers financial assistance to customers who participate in certain education programs? To help foster strong farms and support farm managers, we will help you pay the fees to improve your agricultural financial and management skills.

Farm Safety Program

Safety on the farm must be a priority for all Ag businesses and individuals. Whether you're running machinery, working with animals in the barn or finishing products for retail, agricultural safety is a lesson you cannot afford to skip. We value our members and their teams and want to ensure that you are receiving and providing the best safety training our area has to offer. To help, we here at Yankee Farm Credit would like to reimburse some of the registration costs of local Farm Safety Programs for attending members. To take advantage of this offer, see the attached form or email, or call us at 1-800-639-3053.

How can we help?

We've been helping rural America for over a century. Take a minute to tell us about your challenge. We're here to listen and help plan a way forward.

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